Beer Goggles

Try putting on the Beer Goggles…

To have a better view of the outer beauty and the hidden age. I’d like to try on the goggles to find my French frog…or perhaps my French Bear…What’s Beer goggles? Well try knocking back a fews and then look through the eyes of your man/lady. Tell me what you see?

I am visualizing a hot body man with 8 packs, defined asymmetrical face, porcelain features and then end up having great sex with the man….wake up the next morning WITHOUT the Beer goggles on…and holly cow…I ended up in bed with the total opposite.

Lo and behold that outer beauty saying, but hang on, the guy was excellent in bed. He was the perfect performer. So what if the drunkard sex test drive was indeed an excellent ride. You simply just send it back to where it came from. The man gets dressed and goes home. But what if you wanted to buy that car/man? Go on a date perhaps? What do you do then? Oh dear, is it appropriate to then call him again? Would it be a booty call instead?

What about the seriousness of a possibility of a relationship that might take place?

Would you sleep on your first date or have sexual test drive ( Sex Test Drive )

So when you purchase a bottle of wine, you then examine the label, look at the vintage then maybe you are in for the grape varietal and then you make your purchase right? But if you are at a tasting event, you get to TRY the wine before purchasing it right…so yea you get a refund on it. Technically speaking…

Does this also apply to dating? Admitting to the fact that I mentioned to my friends, you have to try as many sizes of men before you pick the right one.

May it fit you well, delicious scents of a man that lingers on with a full bodied after taste… there is no refund when you get married to a man who has nothing that fits what you perfectly. You cannot get a refund once you’ve tied the knot.That’s why having to experiment with various sizes and colours would be an excellent research work done. Test as many Drives as you want when you can, then when you are certain of your pick then you call the shots….be confident of what you have to offer.

Show me the LOVE…and I will show you THE LOVE…

So go out there and test drive your car


Fairytales versus Aesop’s Fables

Once upon a time, boy meets girl, goes on a date, love came about and then they got married….then lived happily after.

Mid Century, Once upon a party time, boy meets girl, sleeps with her on the first date, shot gun happened, they were forced to get married…then years later they divorced

NOW…Boy meets girl…no need for marriage, just have loads of sex…and then what happens next? One doesn’t have to go on a date, its straight to the point, may they fit each other perfectly. Its all about the sex.

What happened to the good old fairytales or perhaps Aesops’s fables?

Being able to fall in love, head over heels…what happened to all the good old traditional love? Just like having a glass of Old World Wine versus the New World Wine. Is there complexity to the relationship that both men and women fear of committing to?

What happened to the traditional dating game? I now learnt that to be able to meet someone, you do not have to match make the person physically but you can do that on Facebook. Social Media dating has somewhat taken control over those traditional dating website. Long distance relationship are now done via Skype or FaceTime. Even there’s phonesex…not the verbal sounds but one can send videos across via Viber or Whatsapp. Funny how my friend gladly announces how proud she is to date via Skype or FaceTime, but of course, I do not see the reason why she is with him. Opposite attraction perhaps, I meant the wallet he has and the wallet she doesn’t have but wants.

Too much technology here and hard for me to decipher, what happened to good old traditions?

You want to find a partner, you first interview the person on sex, then decide if it is a good compatible mix, then perhaps you might pursue if he/she is the one. This all depends on the open mindedness of there other party. Of course if you are used to it, being weird and all comes into your mind. But you cut the chase of romantic dates and straight on to love making. Pros of this, you save the wine and dine cost. Cons, could it last happily ever after?

Again what happened to the good old fairytale dates??

When I was born, I was the ugly duckling growing up as a child, then later I came to know that I am a Cinderella just that I don’t do the household chores…then now I am somewhat Goldilocks…where are my 3 Bears…perhaps the frogs are not out to play during the dry season here.

For the month of January, I learnt that relationships come in all different forms and finding a soulmate might not be you other half too! Sexual compatibility is more important than your soulmate. One has to grow old with the one you love and when you love that someone, your sexuality grows old with you too….its all in the experience and process of enjoying each other’s companion and body. Being able to connect (physically) to a man/woman and being able to please him/her is indeed a long practice process. So if you are thinking perhaps you are good in bed, she might not think so….. size does matter, its like the perfect fit of everything. Not too big, not too small…The Perfect Fit…

So from now on, if someone tells you not to sleep on the first date…yes its true…because you have done the Social Media dating… everyone dates on social media networks now…its the new aged dating game

Too Many UnMatched Couples

Its like pairing a Glass of Vintage Shiraz with Vin De Table with a fine cut of Kobe Beef…

What is there to comment? Love is Blind or is Sex Blind? Don’t most men have the thought of cover the face ( in my opinion how could you even stick your tongue down her throat? ) and hits the base ( I don’t even want to think of the disgusted effects of what alcohol can do to a man )

Walked into the Club Lounge…..the whiff of the aromas of the cigar really enticed me into having one…but behold when I saw the girl ( who is seriously way underage to be in the club ) and the balding White Frog. Sticking to my menthols would be a better choice.

What is wrong with me? Or have most White Frogs decided that women who are intelligent, wiser than them in ways, charming and carry themselves with confidence are not women they want to marry or date? I am sure there is someone out there who will appreciate Intellectually Challenging Women who are not stick thin and have decent boobs ( push up bras are only required to enhance the voluptuous shape and not to give it a fake booster )

Perhaps so? Its expensive to date them because they ( smart women ) can decided what to eat and by ordering salads its not to say oh I am on a diet…but its to have some greens in their diet.

Caviar as the Aperitif, Foie Gras are meant for appetizers, soups are meant to be ordered on a cold night, oysters are not aphrodisiac but luxury to the tongue and who wants to go home hungry? Order that Rack of Lamb… as I have mentioned there are no carbohydrates so its healthy. Now that is a date – of course then the Champagne or the Wine… You want value for money dates, I would suggest – Champagne Brunch – cheap and good and hell you pick what frogs you want and how you want it done. If the man can’t hold his Champagne better than you and the rest of the evil alcohol shows after 230pm, then you decide if the date will take on further.

Then again there are so many unmatched couples that I have seen. Why can’t there be a decently paired couple or in my case Man. Am I allowed to pray hard for my main criteria in a Man? I judge his shoes first then get to know the man – also if he wears pleated pants or not. If he wears fashionable sneakers or fine Italian shoes and yes the size of his feet does matter. Then the clothes then the face then if he can hold an intelligent conversation – to challenge my bimbo moments. This White Frog is definitely going to be hard to hop by and I need to go out on a frog hunting spree because, frogs will not appear in front of my door step . Now where would I go to hunt for a frog?

Next would be to list the various types of frogs and narrow my selection to then narrow down the search.

Time to explore the city

So my heart is not quite shattered or disheartened by the Vin de Table women but I will outshine and make myself a rare vintage…so please allow me to age well in my bottle