Beer Goggles

Try putting on the Beer Goggles…

To have a better view of the outer beauty and the hidden age. I’d like to try on the goggles to find my French frog…or perhaps my French Bear…What’s Beer goggles? Well try knocking back a fews and then look through the eyes of your man/lady. Tell me what you see?

I am visualizing a hot body man with 8 packs, defined asymmetrical face, porcelain features and then end up having great sex with the man….wake up the next morning WITHOUT the Beer goggles on…and holly cow…I ended up in bed with the total opposite.

Lo and behold that outer beauty saying, but hang on, the guy was excellent in bed. He was the perfect performer. So what if the drunkard sex test drive was indeed an excellent ride. You simply just send it back to where it came from. The man gets dressed and goes home. But what if you wanted to buy that car/man? Go on a date perhaps? What do you do then? Oh dear, is it appropriate to then call him again? Would it be a booty call instead?

What about the seriousness of a possibility of a relationship that might take place?

Would you sleep on your first date or have sexual test drive ( Sex Test Drive )

So when you purchase a bottle of wine, you then examine the label, look at the vintage then maybe you are in for the grape varietal and then you make your purchase right? But if you are at a tasting event, you get to TRY the wine before purchasing it right…so yea you get a refund on it. Technically speaking…

Does this also apply to dating? Admitting to the fact that I mentioned to my friends, you have to try as many sizes of men before you pick the right one.

May it fit you well, delicious scents of a man that lingers on with a full bodied after taste… there is no refund when you get married to a man who has nothing that fits what you perfectly. You cannot get a refund once you’ve tied the knot.That’s why having to experiment with various sizes and colours would be an excellent research work done. Test as many Drives as you want when you can, then when you are certain of your pick then you call the shots….be confident of what you have to offer.

Show me the LOVE…and I will show you THE LOVE…

So go out there and test drive your car


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