Beautiful or Brainy Frog

So if I can’t get the best out of both worlds. Do I settle for something less?

Going out on the eve of the Chinese New Year, to a club that was pretty happening was something I planned impromptu. I should be at the temple ushering for Good Luck and Fortune, but since I was abroad, why not take a little peek at what the town has to offer AND being a little gangster that’s daring enough to go alone. I wasn’t there to pick any frog up, but there for a good wriggle and some wine.

There’s a lesson I learnt, living in this country, do not order spirits or whisky for fear it might be synthetic. So given a choice it would be Wine, Champagne ( which I think its much better consumed during brunch or lunch ) and beer. 

Minding my own business, taking a good look around, I spotted 2 casually dressed wrinkly frogs. 1 was seated at the bar ( also drinking wine, perhaps he’s gay ) and 1 who walked to a table of really model like girls in skinny dresses ( I suppose they wanted to go with the Classy and Chic Madonna outlook ) He said hello and zoomed off elsewhere. I turned my head again and I saw a couple – AGAIN mismatched couple ( why do these things happen all the time ) some single guys who were young and fresh ( ready to be eaten by Cougars ) in this case the Cougars were neither dressed like a lamb in a mutton suit or dressed like a chimpanzee in a baboon suit. Look at your own risk and you are warned. 

I called it quits after 3 hours ( sorry, I cheated it was arm 2.5 hours ) the Club was packed with various types of local men ( this one please look for the nearest exit and bend your head low ) leave with no eye contact unless you wanna be seated with them. Yes they have murderous looks, the only thing that’s happy on their faces is that Johnny seems to be feeding them well!! I left the scene before anyone was harmed and before I screamed in agony. 

So there, where do you find good looking blokes/frogs? The truth is, there are none, its your set of eyes that looks far beyond that man you are keen to possibly *pick up* or even try to have him for a month or two. Oh yes, sex comes with it too right? Men who are intelligent and brainy ( ok sometimes Geeks are sexy ), (admitting to this, I do find men who are in glasses ( permanently blinded by most women ) sexy ) are not easy to come by. The many out there that I have met are either Married ( not going down that road again ), Gay ( best sense of humor and sacarsim ) or just not that into you ( me, because they are steadily attached ). After years of being in many failed relationships ( yes I never learn do I ) its not easy for me to find a man who is single, available, intelligent and wise ( using it damn carefully ) to even begin a decent conversation. I guess that’s tough. Likewise for the men who are still single after the age of 40 and beyond, there is one who told me, at the age of 30 he was prepared to be single till the day he dies…and Hell No did I have anything to do with him in any sympathetic manner. He was nice and jovial, very much overly rounded and with a great personality to it. Nope not my type… I need a little gay-i-sim in a man … he must love shoes and shopping ( a fashionable person is always good to be with and who understands when I am going through Wardrobe Malfunction ) 

Sometimes I wish, there was a secret recipe to my man as per below

1) Intelligent and Wise ( to be able to tell me off )

2) Sexy Daddy would be a bonus ( welcome to the real world – they are already secured with their partners the only thing you can wish for it them getting a divorce and you can intercept the relationship )

3) Men in glasses ( SEXY for me )

4) Buffed bodies need not apply ( fats are good but obesity is not my kind )

5) Secured feeling ( ahhh for numerous times – I fail to explain this to my girlfriends but its the tingling feeling when you are with that guy – he knows how to care and keep me safe, he knows ME! You just know that this guy is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, he showers you with security of all kind ) IF you are thinking ohhh the one that doesn’t fool around….yea you are right, but he can look elsewhere… its always good to be with a man who knows that the relationship is based upon trust, and if he goes out with his group of guys or girls…. you are equally allowed to do the same. Should both parties flirt…its perfectly fine too – at the end you know where the sex lies…between you both!!

6) Respect and Sensitive – the space that we ( not now ) have for each other, and sensing the fact that he is being moody ( I realized that Men too have PMS ) and giving him his space and respect him for that. I too need that part, as I remembered in one of my old relationships, this was never the case for me and him. This lead to arguments and fights, if he could only see that equality has to be given to both parties then there is no point to not allow me out with my friends and him ( me giving him hell – oh well lets just not go down that road ) 

7) Loves to indulge in food and wine ( food ranges from street to the luxury top notched restaurants and wine can include palm wine ) I think this one most chefs or restaurant owners would be a choice for me but hey wait…aren’t they all MARRIED!!

8) Travel – to be able to see the world and to work and live in various countries to learn about the culture and experience the great things in life.

9) Sex God – if this fails I shall not even bother pursuing number 10 – this would be the backbone of my relationship. We kiss we make up and have sex….he/me in a bad mood…perhaps sex might help… I need stress release…will he say no to me…? Being a nymphomaniac is not entirely a bad thing… its about pacing my life….

Perhaps I set my bar a little too high?? Am I setting it on a high tough luck side?

Where is my French Frog…???? Which then, I was and am disappointed by the various races… the body odor, the characteristics and personalities of most Caucasian men living in Asian countries… YOU ARE NOT GOD’S GIFT to PROSTITUTES… The man/men are seriously not bad looking!! But when you turn to the left or right…trust me, I wonder where were their brains hiding, and what power glasses are they wearing… SERIOUSLY!! You can do better than that for sure… Should I perhaps go back to the Asian ones… I doubt there are any left for me… most of them have extinct to the marriage world. 

So would you prefer to drink a glass of Cava, Prosecco, Sparkling White Wine, Brut or Champagne? We won’t get any beautiful frogs, so where are the brainy ones? Which leaf are they hiding under? Image