Dangerously Daring

Oh yes, don’t we all want the bad boy character in our MAN….I’m not talking about doing the Wild Hog bike ride ( riding a bike is like horse back riding, bumpy and builds the inner thigh muscles ) but about that impromptu love making sessions that’s not routined.

A man who believes having sex is only after the sunsets and goes by wham bam thank you dear and snores after that – is the most boring person ever on earth. Where is the fun and excitement?? Where’s the impromptu love making in one’s life??

So if both of you and your man are traveling together, he’s asked you to join him on his business trip.

Now you know that he’s got that endless meetings to attend ( yes work comes first for him ) and you can just occupying yourself with all the spare time, lazing at the pool, ordering some mojitos…pop out to grab a pair of shoes or a little window shopping. Catch up with friends gossiping and discovering what the town has to offer.

When he messages you where are you at and will you back in the room in an hour? Don’t say Oh No I won’t be back in time, give the thousand and one crappiest excuses of ditching the clothes rack.

BE THERE PREPARED….you never know what’s happening….Shopping can wait…what’s up your dangerous date’s mind is way better than that SALE!

Now hurry along and get back to the room….he’ll be waiting for you…because you can never know what’s going to happen…

He’s ripping your jeans and carrying you to the bathroom giving you your mini spa scrub and why not throw in some love making while he’s at it and there you go, making love in the afternoon is dangerously daring.

Most men are too routined when they wanna sex, its always when the sky is dark and when you are really tired and wanna the hit the sack. Its always nice to be with a dangerously daring man who takes up the time to ravish you with some serious love making. Sometimes it excites a bit of the mundane dating life.

A man who cares for your sexual needs unexpectedly loves you unconditionally.


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