Emotional Ego

Most of us would say, yeah real men cry…but how many often DO CRY?

After months of my emotional release, I found it pretty normal for me to cry so easily. So what if I’m watching Hawaii Five-O and crying, if I cry so can my man too!

I still remember the day when my old man cried, he told me his problems and I have never seen my dad cry as a child. Its all the accumulated pain, sorrow and disappointment. So now that I am older, I seem to understand why real men cry. They are not afraid to share and voice out their inner thoughts and views. They just need someone whom they can trust to share how and what they feel.

My man cried when we knew that our relationship wasn’t going anywhere, it wasn’t healthy for both of us too. What made me love him is that I could always sense his emotional ego and he was never egoistic about showing his emotional side too.

Its quite loving to have a man who has his emotional side, this brings him to being a sensitive lover, understanding, caring and less chauvinistic. These could actually be a positive quality to suppress a man’s hot temperedness, leading to quarrels and miscommunication with their partner.

So the next time you are going for that therapeutic meditation class or seminar, why not bring your man on a date to some wholesome emotional release class. You never know it could help to enhance your relationship, don’t be shy to cry my dear man, for your tears could help you to unleash of depth of your emotional cleansing. This is not just for your man but its for both the couple in to have a better relationship and understanding.


4 thoughts on “Emotional Ego

  1. My last boyfriend before I married cried all the time. It was really annoying; we couldn’t have a simple disagreement without him bursting into tears. A little weird. I mean, women don’t even do that. Do they??

    • well, sometimes having some form of emotional release is good – perhaps he has inner issues that he seems to release it via crying? We all have various forms of emotional release…and it does feel good if one can release it via an emotional form as to violence…:D Happy Weekend

  2. It’s not always just men who are afraid to share their emotions. I can speak from experience as a woman that I don’t like to ‘share’, really, unless it’s with my girlfriends or my mum 😉

    • Hi Trisha, well, as long as you can trust that person doesn’t matter if he/she is your family member or soulmate…sometimes we don’t marry our soul mates, its a bonus if we do…but sharing your emotions is good – of course with someone you trust…Happy Weekend…

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