Feminine and Shopping Fetish

So its ok to share your sink and do you daily beauty regime with your man.

He’s got his feminine side of being metrosexual…yes you can share facial scrubs and face masks, toners or moisturizers ….

I always find a man who has his feminine side sexy and adorable. Shopping for beauty buys together, telling each other what is suitable, what shampoo, what body bath…its like shopping with your sister but this one you have sex with.

The girl at the counter might probably think that he’s gay but being metrosexual is sexy too.

Because your man will not be caught dead in pleated pants or witch look like pointed shoes. He will be your shopping partner.

He’ll tell you the honey truth about if you look good in a tube dress, or the halter neck top. He’s not going to lie, he’s the best partner to shop with and you will want to shop with him. He’s into designer brands, perfumes, luxury body baths, spas and massages, food and wine. He’s your feminine man…

He wouldn’t mind paying $3000 for that structured pleated dress because its worth every single penny.

Having a man who has half the qualities of a lady is a catch…


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