Generously Compassionate

After embarking on my spiritual path more seriously the past 2 years, I feel that it is a crucial checklist for me and for most men to have.

Generosity and compassion when it comes to everything that happens in his daily life.

Now its easy to be generous but when it comes to having compassion in him, it is easier said than done. He may be charitable to the poor, needy, less fortunate beings or even the old folks but is he compassionate enough towards everyone, the society, co-workers and his management. He has a heart of diamonds and not gold. If he is compassionate and of course generous, he has good values and characters. Being polite and kind not only towards you but your family members as well.

Being Asian and having Chinese culture in me growing up and till now, it is very important for us to have every form of respect for the elderly members in our family. Customs to follow and traditions to carry on. Its important for us girls when we marry a man, who understand and respects the girl’s side of the family or his in laws. My dad taught me growing up, to always have values and respect my future husband’s family if I were to live in with them. My wise old man always tells me, never put your parents or allow any of the elderly to be placed in nursing homes or even the old folks home as you might never know, you could kill them faster, its the depression they will die off….

Which is true, I need my man to be generous and compassionate, it doesn’t matter what religion he believes in but having a religion and is compassionate about his generous beliefs does make him a better person to be with. After all its till death do us part…and this also contributes to lesser divorces or better relationships.


2 thoughts on “Generously Compassionate

    • 😀 thank you… I guess after much – dating in and out of relationships of all sorts…I think its time to grow up for me….never know where that frog’s been hiding and rainy season is just about to start…

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