Honourably a Humble Being

So you are dating a highly powered man, perhaps an Investment Banker or a High Flying Busy Lawyer. Not only in a man’s life but for a woman too, career comes first. What makes a man/woman sexy?? When both partners have their own successful careers AND ( I repeat this with boldness ) knowing how to balance their social and personal life being together. Yeah I know its like a fairy tale to be able to date that high flying Criminal Lawyer wife and balancing running an Investment Bank… and running about between meetings and having afternoon quickies…(oops was that even allowed during working hours )

When both are back home from work – they are equally humble as can be. You would never be able to tell that they are Millionaires…yeah so the husband’s got a Patek Philippe on his wrist present by his wife…( he doesn’t know its highly FAKE ) until told secretly over drinks by his innocent daughter. Then during dinner, someone was raving about his watch…and knowing something was a miss, he quickly glanced at his wife, he KNEW IT WAS FAKE…so he played along. After all he is a Honourbly Humble being… and that’s what makes him irresistible on the want to marry list…

Often this happens when both husband and wife who are highly powered with their careers and they tend to be those snooty kind who forget their humble roots. I used to date this guy who was so into his looks and I mean he would stare at the mirror and have a good look at his body…he has to be clad in designer labels as it states a status of a person BUT he wasn’t successful for long..and failed in his career and now that he’s back up…oh yes the H-in HONOURABLY HUMBLE is forgotten.

Though I want my man to be financial free from debts and independent, I too hope that he is an Honourably Humble Being… at least we won’t have to argue 7 times in a week perhaps?

A successful woman is when she has a successful career and balancing acts of having a good man in tow.


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