Inspirational Man who is Irresistable

Full of I’s in today’s blog

I want to find an Inspirational Man who is Irresistibly sexy… ( does that even sound right or is it even possible )

He inspires me to be a better person to take challenges in life, he tells me never say NEVER and never give up, he tells me when I say the wrong things and do it wrong ( in bed ). Some of us women might think that oh no…its about the man nagging us? Yes it is, BUT not entirely nagging, its just for our own good if you think out of the box or in a different manner. We may not be entirely correct all the time but, if sometimes we sit down, think a little bit, hey yeah it makes sense. Then its up to us to change. I dated a man who nagged me till Kingdom come… I thought he seriously needed the chill pill, but now that we broke up, he did good for me in my life and its up to me to twist his advice a little tweak it here and there and voila take on a challenge.

He is a smart man, wise and intelligent…now 3 of those particular words are different…Smart does not mean wise and it also does not mean intelligent either… Street Smart, Wisdom and Intellectually Intelligent – does that equalize to an Inspirational Man who is Irresistible??


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Man who is Irresistable

  1. Heh … you just described me, Cindy 😉

    I’ll tell you what I LOVE about this post.

    It’s real.

    You’re clearly focused on a man who makes you a better person, and shows you love, even if it’s “tough love.” This is pretty rare in the world. Many chicks want a rich man, many want a caring man, It usually comes down to a need to control relationships, and “secure” life, but that doesn’t work for a truly free man.

    Few women want a man of integrity & inspiration, who freely does what’s in his heart.

    Because that type of badass is not something you ‘control’ and ‘secure’, it’s someone who pushes you to be a better you.

    Reading this today really restores a lot of faith in humanity.

    Rock on and ryze up, sexy.

    • Thanks Jason for sharing your opinions…Indeed its the ugly truth here…I don’t intend to offend anyone but this is what I have experienced and have seen it happening to friends/people…:D

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