Juggling Joker

BLACKJACK – ok its not the Joker in getting a 21

He just knows when to tell you jokes, not the lame corny ones but the decent oh that’s a smart man one..

Doesn’t this normally happen on the first date? He has to catch your attention, so he’ll joke a little, try to see if you laugh or even giggle…He knows when to entertain you with some good laughs and giggling a little. Funny how this all brings back memories on first dates. But after the marriage ( or more stable and monogamous ) relationships, what happens to the Juggling Joker in your man?

Wriggling his naked ass? Tells you what lame jokes that crosses his mind? He may a strict man when it comes to his career but having to joke every now and then would most likely lighten up your relationship. Not only with you but with your friends too and his of course.

Its always good to have a man who knows how to balance his strict rigid work life and be a joker at times. Its healthy for his brain and people who surround him too…


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