Kickass Culinary Chef

After watching endless of cook shows and being able to cook Asian and some Western dishes myself. Can my man please entice me with some Kickass Culinary styles please?

If it was made possible to even date a chef for me, I would not give it a miss. He cooks for his career but I know when it comes to being at home he might just want a simple home cooked meal and not that fancy schmancy meals at the restaurant. Nevertheless I’d never say no to his Kickass meals. I can roll in bed on a Sunday and he’d bring me breakfast in bed and who knows what happens after that Sunday Roast before we head out of the room.

A man cooking is sexy enough for me and I think most women nowadays cannot save their lives by cooking a dish. Its ok, we are not to judge a person if she cannot cook. Being an Asian Chinese girl, I was trained from young by my grandmother to be able to cook and bake cakes. I remember when I was suppose to make coconut tarts for Home Science class, she told me, it taste horrible, change the menu…..oh yes she did change it to Pineapple tarts. Till now, even if I am able to cook a decent meal for friends ( yes roasting a turkey and not dancing with it is off the menu ) I’d also quite like a man who will be able to cook for me once a week perhaps.


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