Macho Macho Macho Men

This is merely a dream…to have a man who has all the Machoness

1) Macho Body with 8 packs that you will only be able to view it on prints or media

2) Macho Character – James Bond with Pierce Brosnan acting

3) Macho Perfectly Asymmetrical Porcelained face – somehow I still think this is an impossible dream – most men who have this look are gays, so yet I tell myself. Unless I am a man then most likely I’d meed him.

4) Macho Attitude – A little bit of a Zorro minus Catherine Zeta Jones…

My Macho Man – does not need to have that impossible buffed body, he can have a six in one pack ( 1 slightly round belly ), he doesn’t have to be a James Bond but can he please dress like one ( good macho fashion sense ) and Must be Macho in bed…thank you

I’ve come across way too many Male Chauvinist Pig which was suppose to be today’s blog alphabet, however, thinking hard about it…not wanting to offend the men out there. I changed it to Macho Men, if he’s macho enough, he would stand up for me when I get bullied or pushed in a club or at an event. He’s also macho if he cries at the movies or something emotional happens. Then after having a few dates with the Macho Man(kind), I just want to be with a MAN a simple man and not a BOY. The last guy who was so called after me and might still be after me, was so much of a boy that I had to tell him, I am sorry to disappoint you but I need a MAN not a boy like you. It scares me having to date a man who is less intelligent than myself, its too tiring to teach him new things when he makes no initiative to better himself. So a simple Man with a good heart, successful and career minded and all the other positive attributes please is my kinda Macho Man


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