Negatively Not

I wish that he is NOT a man that is has a bad temper, a chauvinistic man, disrespectful towards people, animals and society. It’s ok if he complains 10 times a day, but has a good heart. I can always do the cooking, dishes, washing and all household chores and my man can just be the coach potato. That includes ironing his boxers are fine by me. BUT if he has a bad temper and doesn’t know how to control is wisely, then he’s in for trouble. I’ll send him away for anger management classes, learn how to control his temper and perhaps learn how to appreciate the things he has around if before he opens his mouth and starts shooting everyone with his temper bullets. Yes, I have every intention of sending him to India – with me of course.

Having the best of both worlds is a tough thing to ask from above or wish. But If I can cultivate having a house with positive energies it will be good for the relationship ( it doesn’t matter if you want to co-habit for the rest of your lives and not get married ). Sometime women too have their PMS mood swings, its sad that it happens once a month, but hey you’d be damn glad if that happens, if the opposite occurs, you’ll be shitting in your pants ( that is if you are not planning to cross breed your genes ).

I used to throw tantrums in my past relationships too and now that I think back ( after going through a huge change ), its was the most stupid and childish manner. Never will I want to repeat the mistake and also to learn from it, so that my future partner will not be that.

Whatever it is its good for him – overall he’ll use his positivity at all times, making him be a Noble person


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