Opposite Attraction and on the Opposition’s Side

Due to the elections coming up back home, it got me thinking about what I want in my man – would I want to date a man who is into politics? A lawyer ( yes I dated 3 lawyers to which only 1 was a smarter person, the other 1 was an ass who never respects a woman and the last one I dated needed to marry a girl who was either from the village ( pretty much a yes person and oh to die for pretty ) and yes he did marry her ( I had to attend his wedding and had some fun too seated beside a married man who kept interrogating me if I dated the groom ). Would I possibly date a man who is the total opposite of me?

Yes I would, the last guy I dated that surprisingly lasted for more than 1 year ( I have this 1 year change/return policy ). He was someone I would never imagine I would ever bother to take a second look or have second thoughts about.

Having someone who is not you, someone who is the opposite of you might just work out. Its boring to date a man who is you, its like dating yourself, don’t you think? So I admit, he has to have a strong flair for business deals and acquisitions, he is most likely to have THE MOST BORING job that I’ll ever end up doing/working in. He could be an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer …yeah the opposite of my job that no one will ever guess what I do for a living ( I don’t even dress my occupation ever at all / only when the need arises )

It’s not because he’ll be making loads of money, but I someone find these kind of men attractive enough for me to go on dates with. Perhaps we will have other things to talk about apart from our job occupations but interests in other things. Finer things in life, traveling, cooking…eating ( yes, all sorts of food…) and the list goes on…I don’t care if he’s into weird things, and a man always needs his space – so yeah I prefer a man who is the opposite of me.  Have you dated anyone who is in the same line of job you are in?

A man who is the opposite of you might create a yin and yang balance. Depending how you want to make things work both long term and short term.


7 thoughts on “Opposite Attraction and on the Opposition’s Side

  1. I don’t think I can date someone in the same job as me. I like to casual date with different people and learn what they do. Sekarang ini tengah bercasual dating dgn doktor gigi. Gigi dia bagus cantik dan berkilat.

  2. I think you just wait until you find someone you have an affinity for and never mind what job he does. It’s what’s inside that counts.

    By the way, I think you’re posting too many A to Z posts a week. You’re meant to take Sundays off and should just be posting up your M today (Monday). Hope you don’t mind me mentioning this 🙂

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

    • Hi Rosalind, I thought the day off *Sunday* was the last Sunday which is next week…heehee… and yeah I cannot date the same person/holds same job field as me – regardless of what is inside of him…I did try – I was kissing an alcoholic HAHA!

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