Passion-ally Passionate

1 word says it all PASSION – He must have passion in his life, for his work and career first and foremost, because this person will then have drive to go to work everyday and build his career. My man must be very career driven, because I need a man who can also guide me through and for us to exchange views and ideas. After work is done, he can have interests that he’s passionate about too. It’s ok if he wants to spend his Sunday’s at the golf course and with his buddies. There must be a space between man and woman – because we all need that space otherwise the relationship can be intoxicating. Not forgetting the passion he has to be *in bed* – no wham bam thank you partner kind, quickies are different but Passion in bed is a must have too!

A person must be passionate and has passion for everything he/she does in his soul

Passion driven people have positiveness in them, there may be moments of feeling down and lost but its ok, when you have your other half being passionate about being a joker or an opposite attraction man/woman – who know’s what will happen.

Always have balance in your life – Have you seen the brightest stars shine like diamonds in the dark…seen all the wonders of the world….and one has a passionate heart… for singing…

Have you ever thought of getting married on a vineyard or have a vineyard wedding theme decorated ballroom. Or at The Dusun – but giving out mosquito nets as wedding favors might be a wise choice though… Yes I admit – I have a passion for imagination amongst other things…

What’s your passion my unfound frog?


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