Quirky Dorky Geek

Have you ever watched that show on Starworld – the blondes dating geeks of all sorts?

What about the ever finding that Technical Support guy in your office department – sexy in that scrawny t-shirt and jeans, even though he’s wearing glasses and has a problem face? I am sure in every one of us women ( always think you are beautiful in every single way – If you are over weight or under weight, there’s always something gorgeous about you…and remember that ) I keep telling my girlfriend ( no I am not into her ) that she has a pretty face and Angeline Jolie, full on lips – seriously women pay to get those kind of lips and she is indeed gorgeous with brains and witty kind and confident and a goal getter… She’s every man’s dream to most likely be in bed with. Oh yes she is sexy and brainy…

So we had this conversation about good looking men – Do I go for looks? Thinking back – to the men that I have dated or had flings with… They all had 1 thing in common – GLASSES…most of them wore glasses… I have a weak spot for geeks in glasses ( Quirky Man )…and to the conclusion I never dated a good looking man ( erm yes I did…he was a refined boy and still is one…he hasn’t quite grown into being a man )

Because I find them Quirky ( designer glasses of course ) Dorky because of their occupation and a Geek because they are more tech savvy than me.

Its like having a Britney moment on the dental chair ( if you are a GLEE fan you would know what I am talking about ) Did you not notice that the dentist was indeed HOT. Yeah which is linked to the opposite attraction blog earlier…

Being Quirky with a twist and not many has a twist to my man and not many men have that flair. Touches of fashion savvy to add to his quirkiness.

Women too have their own set of quirkiness – no matter what happens they have a thing for shoes and killer heels… I’m sure the men out there that I will meet by fate one day has his quirky sense to entice me.


3 thoughts on “Quirky Dorky Geek

    • hmmm Sam so does redefining men making them *sound* attractive a positive thing? Somehow I just find that men are indeed angels though at times they have mood swings and hard to decipher their thoughts… I find men like vintage wines… Grand Cru Classes…

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