Realistic Rationale and Royally not Rude

I didn’t know where that though came about randomly.

Maybe because I want a man who is realistic – who tells me look here, I can’t tell you every freaking hour I love you but I do, doesn’t mean I don’t hold your hand in public I love you less and hey not everyday is a fairytale story. So we will argue from time to time, we will have disagreements but that means we have to compromise and lead a healthy life ahead. Deep down we are soul mates that need each other for life support – the humorous life that is…

Being rationale about buying a car – oh yes, I know most men want their fast zoomed cars…that’s why I came to the most absurd conclusion that a household needs 3 cars. 1 nice sporty car, 1 nice continental car and 1 family SUV. So no arguments to whether HONEY can I buy that Ferarri – and the wife replies…but what ever for…because you have a sports car already( if you are filthy rich enough then go buy that Ferarri ). Unless he says he’s on a Wild Hogs kinda adventure ride – Men too have mid life crisis and I always end up being with one…the last one I wanted to date – scared me with his bizarre eats despite being penniless.

Royally not Rude – yes he won’t shout in public or complain in at the most unclassy manner at a fine dining restaurant or anywhere else. If he has to be rude, have some class and tact to it. I dislike those men who seem to be clad in designer shoes and dressed up kind without having manners…both table manners and verbally rude. Even if you have to lodge a complain, do it in a most stylish sacarstic manner you can think of. The main criteria for my man also he cannot be rude – I have low tolerance level for rude people and most likely would need glasses of single malt whiskies before 5pm.

Everytime I have to attend work dinners or luncheons, I often see how the men tries to impress their partner/wife. Observing the opposite too makes me laugh internally…and when they complain there is not enough of Wines served….I say to myself…geeze where is your class Mr Rude…if you want to impress then buy her a bottle of wine, after all its still cheaper than that Tiffany & Co Charm Bracelet. Oh yes, most men hardly date women ( the girls that they change so often just like when they change their shirts) and take them to an extreme expensive wine dinner…in most cases the expensive wine dinners or formal dinners are meant to be left for their wife. As for me, if I think my man needs a treat to an expensive dinner, why not…afterall he’s paid 80% of the times we have had our meals and 20% left is ok for me…and I will make it a good quality 20% meal.


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