It’s all in the capital T-rust…

So we all have insecurity issues, be it if you are in a marriage or dating someone. I have learnt 1 valuable lesson from all those negative remarks, negative complaints ( oops yes complaining about something is already being negative ) and nagging that never seems to end. TRUST your partner !!!

If you are a married person – be it man or woman, so who’s responsibility is heavier than the other…vice versa…Let your partner strive hard for his/her work. Regardless which industry you are in, we are all bound by certain job responsibilities – then coming to the domestic issues, what about the kids – who’s going to watch them, send them here there, pick them up from here and there. How about we trust our partner in their jobs and yeah a little less nagging and why not just set the reminder in the phone – let there be love and compromise. Then again Trust your man / woman that he/she is not having an affair. I know its easier said than done but if your partner has succumbed to infidelity, what causes that to happen? Would you be able to trust your husband/wife that it will never happen. Are second chances worth it? For the sake of the kids – are we holding on to our comfort zones? Why does infidelity happen in a marriage and leading the untrustworthiness to happen? It takes two to hands to clap and to tango – so before we blame our partner’s fault for fooling around with that hot chick / hot pool man. Let’s just reflect on the problem within ourself before we point that finger. After pointing that finger ( yes we will never admit its our own fault all the time – its easier to point a finger at the other person than ourself! ) Are you going to Trust that person, if yes then ignore it and develop a different method to bring back the trust again. Don’t just sit and sulk, complain and make things worse. 

Let there be love and TRUST 

Coming to the dating part, so I dated a man with huge insecurity issues. I didn’t even get my own time, but yes I too was to be blamed, I had infidelity flirtatious issues. Nothing serious but I tend to enjoy the comfort of my male mates but because I keep having to remind myself that I was seeing someone, I often forget all about his secured feelings and because I did cheat on him ( it wasn’t I slept with the guy but yes I had communication with the past dates of mine ) so much so that he lost his trust in me. Oh dear what did I have to prove my love for him – changed my phone number, oh yes – because I knew I wanted this relationship to work and to be able for him to trust me. I did the above mentioned. Now thinking back at what I did, perhaps I’d stir a little argument here about me being foolish, why should I do that. Well, it was my fault I flirted, I spoke to the ex dates ( I will NOT quote Boyfriends as they were never the serious kind ) he got mad and it was my betrayal in his trust. But he always gave me my chances, to which I am very much appreciative of it. But whenever I had to go out with my girls, he always had the insecurity issues that I’d meet someone else. I think of it as a sweet thing now but then it was quite irritating having to prove myself. Lesson learnt from this, don’t be pretty – blame your parents for giving birth to good looks ( If I am a babe magnet, I’d be receiving Tulips from Holland by now…and perhaps a Rose garden by tomorrow ) 

So how what do you think? Is Trust important in a serious exclusive relationship that will lead to your marriage and in the marriage – will you Trust your husband? To be able to trust your partner, you firstly will have to trust your own instincts and yourself, once you have learnt that your heart is telling you the truth, you will then learn to open your heart to trust someone that is there ( he could be your admirer ) 

As for me, have I found that man oops Frog yet.. nope he just has to learn to leap higher…and due to the monsoon season…I doubt he ever wants to come out to play… Have a good Trusty Tuesday with perhaps a pack or two or Tequila …


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