Understanding – To be able to Understand a Woman

Endless battles of – Women are hard to understand, and yes we women also have to say the same thing, you men are hard to understand too. So where will this actually end ? Take a deep breath and Understand each other with your own passion or interest.

If you really love your partner – you’d learn to understand him before even complaining what he/she does and doesn’t do for the relationship.

I was a selfish piglet before this age I am constantly forgetting, I always expect my dates ( flings and affairs ) and my man to be able to understand me, jot down when i am about to PMS ( all women should be excused for this and men – when they don’t get enough sex – they too turn grumpy ( my ex boss had these strong tendencies ) So like I was saying, why is it so difficult to understand each other? Your partner’s wants and needs that will lead to perhaps a more compromising relationship or marriage. We all have our pet peeves, bad habits and so fourth but its not all that bad.

Even to be able to understand his or her character would be actually a kind thing to do. Not many people will take the initiative to even want to make an effort to understand their partner, but expecting and assuming that their partner would be able to understand them. When these kind of assumptions are made, it will lead to many sort of misunderstandings and argument. Correct me if I am wrong…but this happens everywhere you go, be it at work or your own personal life. We can never take our partners for granted and leave the assumption that – oh he’ll understand me…oh she’ll get it, don’t worry.

Then question the many situations that we have been constantly caught in – oh shit, he thought the other way, and then leads to insecurity and trust… how about wanting to lay the cards right before misunderstandings take place.

Looking back ( to which I am not supposed to dwell about the past but move on, somehow it has taught me to be a better person and wanting to be one too ) I was indeed a person that’s so hard to catch in terms of my mood swings and also a person who says one thing and not stick to it. Wanting to change was quite hard but oh well then I learnt through mistakes made and eventually correct my ways. I am not perfect but at least now I learn to understand my friends, love myself first before others and then understand men ( my male friends who often think that I am a tyrant even if I am wearing a ball gown ). Once I have built or mastered the art of Understanding, thereafter the rule of dating or even being in a serious relationship would really help me out. So I did understand this guy whom I was keen in dating but unfortunately he had a head too big for the hat he was wearing, he didn’t have to say much but from his actions and social media shout outs…Slap me again if I did go on a date with him.

Understanding your woman would help if you too allow her to understand you – this does not require that darn checklist…women have all the time – seriously checklist for dating men… ( this refers to Miss Advised to be aired on Star World Asia tonight ) my eyes are rolled up most of the times – and yes they still don’t understand – its not the Men who are at fault…they seem to forget to look inside on them…Happy Wednesday – its the middle of the week and soon this A to Z Challenge will be ending…. I have learnt so much while wanting to blog for a while and I am going to read all my visitors blogs – sorry but I have been tight with work and need to relax on reading after this challenge is over and make some new friends…


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