Very Valuable Gem

How on earth did  I manage to almost complete this A to Z Challenge without having to think of ways to describe finding my Frog Prince with the letter V – how about just a simple verb to use to sum all his characteristics to a VERY – from all the letters A to U he is a complete VERY person. Very is a bit too much of a demanding request for sure.

Too many alphabets, too many thoughts, too many ( in my face lovely )words to describe my man…and then I thought hard again, what would my V be like…it cannot be just a simple Very… thinking thinking and after having a conversation with a little girl who’s kind enough to always help me in my cooking ideas.

She is again confused of her current relationship to which the man is so kind, so giving, so loving. Seriously, she was in a state of confusion because its hard to believe that one will wake up at 6am just to boil her herbal tea ( the chinese one of course ) just so that she’ll be able to take it to work. He cares for her in every single way but she’s not seeing herself in a marriage with this man. Funny things like these happen to my friends but never to me – I seem to be the one giving all the time, but if I truly love my man, there’s nothing about being calculative all the time to who is giving more or less in the relationship. Of course say that to any modern thinking women who strive hard for their careers, they’d disagree. Let it come natrually I told her, when you find a man who loves you more than him you will eventually grow to love him as the months go by. Chose a man who worships the ground you walk upon and not you who’s always worshipping his ground. Oh yes, if you live in the Asian part of the world, most women are slaves to their husbands or partners. Often you will find the Domestic Goddess in most Asian Women, she is a All in One person ( a whole package with looks, provides great sex, is a good mother and trophy wife ) She’s just afriad her man will stray – so these girls are called Trophy Yummy Mummy – they keep their bodies in the same way as they were before marriage and after having 3 kids .

Back to the story I told my girlfriend, now your man is a Very Valueable catch..he is a rare gem amongst the moutain full of diamonds. Don’t let go just yet, treat him equally kind and not to abuse the relationship. Its hard to find men like this in our country, so you have to appreciate what fate has dawned upon you.

Perhaps you’d think oh the man has no backbone or has an issue with being tough. Actually not quite the scene, if the man is being brought up by his mum well, taught to treat his loved one like a rare gem, the relationship could be an everlasting one. Till death do us part and Happily ever after. Of course there are some women who would tend to turn around and say that they are not entirely into this marriage/relationship so as they say – We will never be happy with what we have until God has taken it away. Oh yes, I do regret my past doings due to being immature ( 1 one says it all ) and now that I’ve gone through a whole new chapter of living, I hold my head up high and say perhaps it was fated I learn things the hard way, so when cupid has to aim at me, I’ll know what to do.

And tonight according to my Bazi Chart – I have to network to meet my frog…. Good Luck with the rest of the alphabets and Happy Thursday


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