Worships a Religion and Me

Its always good to know when a man has a strong sense spiritual belief. He knows how to balance his life, with work, his social life and in touch with his spiritual side It does not matter what religion as long as its not a cult with hocus pocus potions and spells. Not forgetting worshipping the ground I walk upon ( a bonus )

How about the male version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s –  Eat Pray Love

Now that I frequent to the temple for meditations once a week – I often see nice looking girls – and occasionally a man in Angry Birds bermudas. But 2 weeks ago – I saw this really CUTE guy on my right – I occasionally get distracted from communicating with Buddha. I was shell shocked to see such a cute guy – and I did ask for forgiveness due to my distraction.

If my man knows how to have a balanced life – or atleast he’s willing to share my journey to India and Spain ( yes apart from Sangria’s and Tapas there’s meditations too ) I hope to travel with my man in 2015 to Spain for my MUST DO bucket list before I get pregnant.

Balancing one’s life is very important, we learn to deal with stress and much other negative energy that affects our daily life well. Its ok if he doesn’t Worship any sort of religion, but I do hope he will eventually want to share my religion with me and build the living happily after fairy tale.




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