Defining Yummy Daddy – A sole breadwinner who loves his family, is vain to an extend of always maintaining his good looks ( body and face ), a man who loves his social life ( attending events, product launches, parties with the friends ) and has his glitzy wife in hand.

Somewhat impossible for the reality checks of life, however it you get this amongst the A list celebrities. The kind of David Beckham would portray.

But my definition of a Yummy Daddy – slightly rounder – I cannot take the beefed up body kind – last time I dated a guy who is so proud of his body, I almost wanted to give him a full length mirror and tell him to go stare at it long enough for the mirror to crack and shatter. Smart and intellectual kind of face, wears glasses ( because he would be able to see me clearer ). Preferably like Bruce Willis ( he’s getting more yummier now ), Harrison Ford, George Clooney  and Richard Gere. If the list goes on, the only thing I will be getting for my birthday this year would be paper mache and a 20 tank of water to be able to go mix the face and body of my own version of a Yummy Daddy.

He makes me melt to bits just by just one glance ( however I seem to be quite critical at times so that its impossible to happen ). I will just have to grow with how he looks like. I had a yummy daddy kinda man before, so I am con-tempted that I have indeed been out with that kinda person. Who knows what kind of men there are out there for me…The grunge looking Spanish Dude? I think he’s too young and dirty looking…not my kind… Everyday I tell myself stop expecting some miracle to happen – not entirely but someone decent looking and has a good background and not running away from some bankruptcy legal suit or some convict. Perhaps I should move out of this Asian Country and on to the next one or maybe go home?


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