Dating Game

We have all been through the horrors of relationships, dating the not so right man. However its lessons in life that I have learnt, experiencing painful past relationships, what to avoid and what to change in me.

I have been focusing on my holistic healings and now proud as can be my aunt was interviewed for an article in the local papers.

I wouldn’t say all men are jerks, but there are some good and bad, same goes to women – so it’s an equal sex argument.

Although I have been through my DNA Healings, I hope that I will be able to meet a true man that’s fated to be with me. Having all the qualities that I wish he’d have. Sometime its also good to see through a bad person, I am sure he has good values left in him. No…that does not mean I am going to date a convict but we are never perfect in ways. Wanting to be perfect with my Prince would be a positive journey that lies ahead.

Geez I have abandoned my blog for weeks – work beckons and brain dead tired after 12 hours – its time to reignite my writing thoughts again.

Would I fall in love in Rome?


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