Men are allowed to have Four Wives

The above mentioned is only allowed to certain religion(s) that allows polygamy in marriages.

Apologizing for the sabbatical again – I have finally done my EAT in EPL and now back with a refreshed mind – I have never seen so many gorgeous looking Italian MEN all in 1 country – ITALY. Next stop will be BALI…

This story was a long due, inspirational blog whilst, I was working Part time at a Ramadhan Bazaar

One day as I was opening the stall, I popped this question up when a lady told her husband, its okay you can go and find another wife. I intervened the conversation and said…oh well, in your religion you are allowed 4 wives BUT…hold on – I know you are allowed BUT  can you handle it? Can you possibly handle 4 wives, feed them, provide them shelter and equal love? He kept quiet and smiled. BUT can women handle 4 men I then asked again to equalize the topic conversation. With a notorious wink.

Marrying 4 wives – can the MAN handle all four wives demanding needs?? And then just recently a Yemen man was found dead – overly sexed by his wives. Lesson taught there right?

I once dated 3 men in a week, why so? Was it fair to all 3 of them? I was dating them ( keyword is DATE ), and yet I wasn’t seeing anyone exclusively and let’s just say I could handle it, so why not. It gave me a choice to choose from and at the end I was having fun. Getting to more male species out there – now I do know its hard to find one who is Single and Compatible – because I was told by my Italian Godfather – I intimidate men who are my age.

Well – the second part to ponder – Do men want to grow up like Women have moved on?