My Zappy Zealous Zany Man – Zeepiddeedoodah

The Grand Finale of A to Z Challenge

It has been a long alphabetical post – it has taught me to

1) Make new blog friends ( I have to visit all your blogs frequently – and I will )

2) Comment on other bloggers post ( I will now have more time to read, like and comment )

3) Instil the discipline of blogging – regardless of how lazy the fingers and mind can be

4) Preplanning ahead what to blog – its like writing a story – in my case ideas for a story or a story that sends one to Laughingville

So today the Grand Finale Alphabet – the Letter Z(ee) or Z(at)

I had 3 words to use Zappy ( it means Full of Energy ) Zealous ( it means Inspired ) Zany ( it means ludicrous or buffoonish character in the old comedies )

What does this last blog mean…??

May the fairy of all God mothers please bless me with a man who is full of energy – positive vibes and is always on the go kind and must please oh must be good in bed for if I am going to be in a monogamous relationship and if I am going to marry this man – please let him be my only Sexy God…

Zealous – he is an inspiring man who wants me to be the better person, now changing to someone I am not, wasn’t what I had in mind, but he inspires me to change my bad habits and tempers, be more patient and open hearted…

Lastly he is a buffoon to my eyes, come one – you never dated a man who was that goofy kind of lover to you? I had him, the things he’d crack me rolling my eyes and says the earnest things.

No matter how serious he is at work, or he complains till the cows come home, I still find him super sexy and cute with this character. Shake his ass after sex… ( ok too much information ) well lets just say – A man who wears a suit, has his soft spots and is darn sexy too. He may not have a million dollars ( though yeah it matters now when the economic is not that good and cash is king ) but if he has an attitude that wants to make millions – I was talking about an achievable mindset not those who think and dream of MONEY but not thinking of ways to get it. Funny and Inspiring and also give me the sense of security – and goes down on bended knee ( with my 5-carat diamond ring ) I’d most likely to say yes by 60% – the other 40% has to do with my judgement and well what my heart says versus the practicality of my man.

So May the Haunt for my Frog Prince continues…and like I told my friend… I am hoping that the frog knows how to Leap/Jump to the second floor…and since its the Rainy Season…there are more tadpoles made and frogs mating… or perhaps moving to the Riverside would be a better choice…


Fairytales versus Aesop’s Fables

Once upon a time, boy meets girl, goes on a date, love came about and then they got married….then lived happily after.

Mid Century, Once upon a party time, boy meets girl, sleeps with her on the first date, shot gun happened, they were forced to get married…then years later they divorced

NOW…Boy meets girl…no need for marriage, just have loads of sex…and then what happens next? One doesn’t have to go on a date, its straight to the point, may they fit each other perfectly. Its all about the sex.

What happened to the good old fairytales or perhaps Aesops’s fables?

Being able to fall in love, head over heels…what happened to all the good old traditional love? Just like having a glass of Old World Wine versus the New World Wine. Is there complexity to the relationship that both men and women fear of committing to?

What happened to the traditional dating game? I now learnt that to be able to meet someone, you do not have to match make the person physically but you can do that on Facebook. Social Media dating has somewhat taken control over those traditional dating website. Long distance relationship are now done via Skype or FaceTime. Even there’s phonesex…not the verbal sounds but one can send videos across via Viber or Whatsapp. Funny how my friend gladly announces how proud she is to date via Skype or FaceTime, but of course, I do not see the reason why she is with him. Opposite attraction perhaps, I meant the wallet he has and the wallet she doesn’t have but wants.

Too much technology here and hard for me to decipher, what happened to good old traditions?

You want to find a partner, you first interview the person on sex, then decide if it is a good compatible mix, then perhaps you might pursue if he/she is the one. This all depends on the open mindedness of there other party. Of course if you are used to it, being weird and all comes into your mind. But you cut the chase of romantic dates and straight on to love making. Pros of this, you save the wine and dine cost. Cons, could it last happily ever after?

Again what happened to the good old fairytale dates??

When I was born, I was the ugly duckling growing up as a child, then later I came to know that I am a Cinderella just that I don’t do the household chores…then now I am somewhat Goldilocks…where are my 3 Bears…perhaps the frogs are not out to play during the dry season here.

For the month of January, I learnt that relationships come in all different forms and finding a soulmate might not be you other half too! Sexual compatibility is more important than your soulmate. One has to grow old with the one you love and when you love that someone, your sexuality grows old with you too….its all in the experience and process of enjoying each other’s companion and body. Being able to connect (physically) to a man/woman and being able to please him/her is indeed a long practice process. So if you are thinking perhaps you are good in bed, she might not think so….. size does matter, its like the perfect fit of everything. Not too big, not too small…The Perfect Fit…

So from now on, if someone tells you not to sleep on the first date…yes its true…because you have done the Social Media dating… everyone dates on social media networks now…its the new aged dating game