My Zappy Zealous Zany Man – Zeepiddeedoodah

The Grand Finale of A to Z Challenge

It has been a long alphabetical post – it has taught me to

1) Make new blog friends ( I have to visit all your blogs frequently – and I will )

2) Comment on other bloggers post ( I will now have more time to read, like and comment )

3) Instil the discipline of blogging – regardless of how lazy the fingers and mind can be

4) Preplanning ahead what to blog – its like writing a story – in my case ideas for a story or a story that sends one to Laughingville

So today the Grand Finale Alphabet – the Letter Z(ee) or Z(at)

I had 3 words to use Zappy ( it means Full of Energy ) Zealous ( it means Inspired ) Zany ( it means ludicrous or buffoonish character in the old comedies )

What does this last blog mean…??

May the fairy of all God mothers please bless me with a man who is full of energy – positive vibes and is always on the go kind and must please oh must be good in bed for if I am going to be in a monogamous relationship and if I am going to marry this man – please let him be my only Sexy God…

Zealous – he is an inspiring man who wants me to be the better person, now changing to someone I am not, wasn’t what I had in mind, but he inspires me to change my bad habits and tempers, be more patient and open hearted…

Lastly he is a buffoon to my eyes, come one – you never dated a man who was that goofy kind of lover to you? I had him, the things he’d crack me rolling my eyes and says the earnest things.

No matter how serious he is at work, or he complains till the cows come home, I still find him super sexy and cute with this character. Shake his ass after sex… ( ok too much information ) well lets just say – A man who wears a suit, has his soft spots and is darn sexy too. He may not have a million dollars ( though yeah it matters now when the economic is not that good and cash is king ) but if he has an attitude that wants to make millions – I was talking about an achievable mindset not those who think and dream of MONEY but not thinking of ways to get it. Funny and Inspiring and also give me the sense of security – and goes down on bended knee ( with my 5-carat diamond ring ) I’d most likely to say yes by 60% – the other 40% has to do with my judgement and well what my heart says versus the practicality of my man.

So May the Haunt for my Frog Prince continues…and like I told my friend… I am hoping that the frog knows how to Leap/Jump to the second floor…and since its the Rainy Season…there are more tadpoles made and frogs mating… or perhaps moving to the Riverside would be a better choice…


Very Valuable Gem

How on earth did  I manage to almost complete this A to Z Challenge without having to think of ways to describe finding my Frog Prince with the letter V – how about just a simple verb to use to sum all his characteristics to a VERY – from all the letters A to U he is a complete VERY person. Very is a bit too much of a demanding request for sure.

Too many alphabets, too many thoughts, too many ( in my face lovely )words to describe my man…and then I thought hard again, what would my V be like…it cannot be just a simple Very… thinking thinking and after having a conversation with a little girl who’s kind enough to always help me in my cooking ideas.

She is again confused of her current relationship to which the man is so kind, so giving, so loving. Seriously, she was in a state of confusion because its hard to believe that one will wake up at 6am just to boil her herbal tea ( the chinese one of course ) just so that she’ll be able to take it to work. He cares for her in every single way but she’s not seeing herself in a marriage with this man. Funny things like these happen to my friends but never to me – I seem to be the one giving all the time, but if I truly love my man, there’s nothing about being calculative all the time to who is giving more or less in the relationship. Of course say that to any modern thinking women who strive hard for their careers, they’d disagree. Let it come natrually I told her, when you find a man who loves you more than him you will eventually grow to love him as the months go by. Chose a man who worships the ground you walk upon and not you who’s always worshipping his ground. Oh yes, if you live in the Asian part of the world, most women are slaves to their husbands or partners. Often you will find the Domestic Goddess in most Asian Women, she is a All in One person ( a whole package with looks, provides great sex, is a good mother and trophy wife ) She’s just afriad her man will stray – so these girls are called Trophy Yummy Mummy – they keep their bodies in the same way as they were before marriage and after having 3 kids .

Back to the story I told my girlfriend, now your man is a Very Valueable catch..he is a rare gem amongst the moutain full of diamonds. Don’t let go just yet, treat him equally kind and not to abuse the relationship. Its hard to find men like this in our country, so you have to appreciate what fate has dawned upon you.

Perhaps you’d think oh the man has no backbone or has an issue with being tough. Actually not quite the scene, if the man is being brought up by his mum well, taught to treat his loved one like a rare gem, the relationship could be an everlasting one. Till death do us part and Happily ever after. Of course there are some women who would tend to turn around and say that they are not entirely into this marriage/relationship so as they say – We will never be happy with what we have until God has taken it away. Oh yes, I do regret my past doings due to being immature ( 1 one says it all ) and now that I’ve gone through a whole new chapter of living, I hold my head up high and say perhaps it was fated I learn things the hard way, so when cupid has to aim at me, I’ll know what to do.

And tonight according to my Bazi Chart – I have to network to meet my frog…. Good Luck with the rest of the alphabets and Happy Thursday

It’s all in the capital T-rust…

So we all have insecurity issues, be it if you are in a marriage or dating someone. I have learnt 1 valuable lesson from all those negative remarks, negative complaints ( oops yes complaining about something is already being negative ) and nagging that never seems to end. TRUST your partner !!!

If you are a married person – be it man or woman, so who’s responsibility is heavier than the other…vice versa…Let your partner strive hard for his/her work. Regardless which industry you are in, we are all bound by certain job responsibilities – then coming to the domestic issues, what about the kids – who’s going to watch them, send them here there, pick them up from here and there. How about we trust our partner in their jobs and yeah a little less nagging and why not just set the reminder in the phone – let there be love and compromise. Then again Trust your man / woman that he/she is not having an affair. I know its easier said than done but if your partner has succumbed to infidelity, what causes that to happen? Would you be able to trust your husband/wife that it will never happen. Are second chances worth it? For the sake of the kids – are we holding on to our comfort zones? Why does infidelity happen in a marriage and leading the untrustworthiness to happen? It takes two to hands to clap and to tango – so before we blame our partner’s fault for fooling around with that hot chick / hot pool man. Let’s just reflect on the problem within ourself before we point that finger. After pointing that finger ( yes we will never admit its our own fault all the time – its easier to point a finger at the other person than ourself! ) Are you going to Trust that person, if yes then ignore it and develop a different method to bring back the trust again. Don’t just sit and sulk, complain and make things worse. 

Let there be love and TRUST 

Coming to the dating part, so I dated a man with huge insecurity issues. I didn’t even get my own time, but yes I too was to be blamed, I had infidelity flirtatious issues. Nothing serious but I tend to enjoy the comfort of my male mates but because I keep having to remind myself that I was seeing someone, I often forget all about his secured feelings and because I did cheat on him ( it wasn’t I slept with the guy but yes I had communication with the past dates of mine ) so much so that he lost his trust in me. Oh dear what did I have to prove my love for him – changed my phone number, oh yes – because I knew I wanted this relationship to work and to be able for him to trust me. I did the above mentioned. Now thinking back at what I did, perhaps I’d stir a little argument here about me being foolish, why should I do that. Well, it was my fault I flirted, I spoke to the ex dates ( I will NOT quote Boyfriends as they were never the serious kind ) he got mad and it was my betrayal in his trust. But he always gave me my chances, to which I am very much appreciative of it. But whenever I had to go out with my girls, he always had the insecurity issues that I’d meet someone else. I think of it as a sweet thing now but then it was quite irritating having to prove myself. Lesson learnt from this, don’t be pretty – blame your parents for giving birth to good looks ( If I am a babe magnet, I’d be receiving Tulips from Holland by now…and perhaps a Rose garden by tomorrow ) 

So how what do you think? Is Trust important in a serious exclusive relationship that will lead to your marriage and in the marriage – will you Trust your husband? To be able to trust your partner, you firstly will have to trust your own instincts and yourself, once you have learnt that your heart is telling you the truth, you will then learn to open your heart to trust someone that is there ( he could be your admirer ) 

As for me, have I found that man oops Frog yet.. nope he just has to learn to leap higher…and due to the monsoon season…I doubt he ever wants to come out to play… Have a good Trusty Tuesday with perhaps a pack or two or Tequila …

Passion-ally Passionate

1 word says it all PASSION – He must have passion in his life, for his work and career first and foremost, because this person will then have drive to go to work everyday and build his career. My man must be very career driven, because I need a man who can also guide me through and for us to exchange views and ideas. After work is done, he can have interests that he’s passionate about too. It’s ok if he wants to spend his Sunday’s at the golf course and with his buddies. There must be a space between man and woman – because we all need that space otherwise the relationship can be intoxicating. Not forgetting the passion he has to be *in bed* – no wham bam thank you partner kind, quickies are different but Passion in bed is a must have too!

A person must be passionate and has passion for everything he/she does in his soul

Passion driven people have positiveness in them, there may be moments of feeling down and lost but its ok, when you have your other half being passionate about being a joker or an opposite attraction man/woman – who know’s what will happen.

Always have balance in your life – Have you seen the brightest stars shine like diamonds in the dark…seen all the wonders of the world….and one has a passionate heart… for singing…

Have you ever thought of getting married on a vineyard or have a vineyard wedding theme decorated ballroom. Or at The Dusun – but giving out mosquito nets as wedding favors might be a wise choice though… Yes I admit – I have a passion for imagination amongst other things…

What’s your passion my unfound frog?

Beautiful or Brainy Frog

So if I can’t get the best out of both worlds. Do I settle for something less?

Going out on the eve of the Chinese New Year, to a club that was pretty happening was something I planned impromptu. I should be at the temple ushering for Good Luck and Fortune, but since I was abroad, why not take a little peek at what the town has to offer AND being a little gangster that’s daring enough to go alone. I wasn’t there to pick any frog up, but there for a good wriggle and some wine.

There’s a lesson I learnt, living in this country, do not order spirits or whisky for fear it might be synthetic. So given a choice it would be Wine, Champagne ( which I think its much better consumed during brunch or lunch ) and beer. 

Minding my own business, taking a good look around, I spotted 2 casually dressed wrinkly frogs. 1 was seated at the bar ( also drinking wine, perhaps he’s gay ) and 1 who walked to a table of really model like girls in skinny dresses ( I suppose they wanted to go with the Classy and Chic Madonna outlook ) He said hello and zoomed off elsewhere. I turned my head again and I saw a couple – AGAIN mismatched couple ( why do these things happen all the time ) some single guys who were young and fresh ( ready to be eaten by Cougars ) in this case the Cougars were neither dressed like a lamb in a mutton suit or dressed like a chimpanzee in a baboon suit. Look at your own risk and you are warned. 

I called it quits after 3 hours ( sorry, I cheated it was arm 2.5 hours ) the Club was packed with various types of local men ( this one please look for the nearest exit and bend your head low ) leave with no eye contact unless you wanna be seated with them. Yes they have murderous looks, the only thing that’s happy on their faces is that Johnny seems to be feeding them well!! I left the scene before anyone was harmed and before I screamed in agony. 

So there, where do you find good looking blokes/frogs? The truth is, there are none, its your set of eyes that looks far beyond that man you are keen to possibly *pick up* or even try to have him for a month or two. Oh yes, sex comes with it too right? Men who are intelligent and brainy ( ok sometimes Geeks are sexy ), (admitting to this, I do find men who are in glasses ( permanently blinded by most women ) sexy ) are not easy to come by. The many out there that I have met are either Married ( not going down that road again ), Gay ( best sense of humor and sacarsim ) or just not that into you ( me, because they are steadily attached ). After years of being in many failed relationships ( yes I never learn do I ) its not easy for me to find a man who is single, available, intelligent and wise ( using it damn carefully ) to even begin a decent conversation. I guess that’s tough. Likewise for the men who are still single after the age of 40 and beyond, there is one who told me, at the age of 30 he was prepared to be single till the day he dies…and Hell No did I have anything to do with him in any sympathetic manner. He was nice and jovial, very much overly rounded and with a great personality to it. Nope not my type… I need a little gay-i-sim in a man … he must love shoes and shopping ( a fashionable person is always good to be with and who understands when I am going through Wardrobe Malfunction ) 

Sometimes I wish, there was a secret recipe to my man as per below

1) Intelligent and Wise ( to be able to tell me off )

2) Sexy Daddy would be a bonus ( welcome to the real world – they are already secured with their partners the only thing you can wish for it them getting a divorce and you can intercept the relationship )

3) Men in glasses ( SEXY for me )

4) Buffed bodies need not apply ( fats are good but obesity is not my kind )

5) Secured feeling ( ahhh for numerous times – I fail to explain this to my girlfriends but its the tingling feeling when you are with that guy – he knows how to care and keep me safe, he knows ME! You just know that this guy is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, he showers you with security of all kind ) IF you are thinking ohhh the one that doesn’t fool around….yea you are right, but he can look elsewhere… its always good to be with a man who knows that the relationship is based upon trust, and if he goes out with his group of guys or girls…. you are equally allowed to do the same. Should both parties flirt…its perfectly fine too – at the end you know where the sex lies…between you both!!

6) Respect and Sensitive – the space that we ( not now ) have for each other, and sensing the fact that he is being moody ( I realized that Men too have PMS ) and giving him his space and respect him for that. I too need that part, as I remembered in one of my old relationships, this was never the case for me and him. This lead to arguments and fights, if he could only see that equality has to be given to both parties then there is no point to not allow me out with my friends and him ( me giving him hell – oh well lets just not go down that road ) 

7) Loves to indulge in food and wine ( food ranges from street to the luxury top notched restaurants and wine can include palm wine ) I think this one most chefs or restaurant owners would be a choice for me but hey wait…aren’t they all MARRIED!!

8) Travel – to be able to see the world and to work and live in various countries to learn about the culture and experience the great things in life.

9) Sex God – if this fails I shall not even bother pursuing number 10 – this would be the backbone of my relationship. We kiss we make up and have sex….he/me in a bad mood…perhaps sex might help… I need stress release…will he say no to me…? Being a nymphomaniac is not entirely a bad thing… its about pacing my life….

Perhaps I set my bar a little too high?? Am I setting it on a high tough luck side?

Where is my French Frog…???? Which then, I was and am disappointed by the various races… the body odor, the characteristics and personalities of most Caucasian men living in Asian countries… YOU ARE NOT GOD’S GIFT to PROSTITUTES… The man/men are seriously not bad looking!! But when you turn to the left or right…trust me, I wonder where were their brains hiding, and what power glasses are they wearing… SERIOUSLY!! You can do better than that for sure… Should I perhaps go back to the Asian ones… I doubt there are any left for me… most of them have extinct to the marriage world. 

So would you prefer to drink a glass of Cava, Prosecco, Sparkling White Wine, Brut or Champagne? We won’t get any beautiful frogs, so where are the brainy ones? Which leaf are they hiding under? Image