Took a Sabbatical for 2 months

Its been about 2 months since I last blogged. Things haven’t been going well as I thought it would in my career and of course leading to finding my Prince ( now KING ) Charming. 

Its been great having to contribute my time at the temple since my Dharma father was back early June, cooked an Indian feast for both dinner and breakfast. Did all my spiritual healing and realized to WHY AM I NOT having a long line of dates…

Turning heads occasionally BUT no man dares to even approach me…I wonder if my imaginary eye is growing somewhere on my forehead that I am not aware of it. So I was told that I was lack of the female pheromones – I need that to enhance and speed up the process of my KING CHARMING appearing before me.

Being back in Kuala Lumpur was certainly a warmer feeling – as it is where I call it my home. However I felt something was missing in my life…my freedom was left behind in Phnom Penh. Focusing and emanating my intentions of going back – I felt the need to communicate more with The Universe. That’s why during my last healing meditation I had such clear visions of what I wanted and know I will be blessed with a good honest job and my wedding gown will be just the way I saw it…its Gold and Champagne…and my train will be a romantically long one, the Gold Flowers are appliqués to my Champagne based dress – it would out shine Kate Middleton’s one because I am designing it. 

Great – its tad too early for me to hit the sack so dreaming this would be about 2 hours from now. Hey there’s no harm for looney me to hallucinate my perfect life?

I have placed the chopping board back, washed the knives and fine tune tonight’s dining…what more can this Asian Cindy not do? Water the plants in my crazy garden of flowers.