My Zappy Zealous Zany Man – Zeepiddeedoodah

The Grand Finale of A to Z Challenge

It has been a long alphabetical post – it has taught me to

1) Make new blog friends ( I have to visit all your blogs frequently – and I will )

2) Comment on other bloggers post ( I will now have more time to read, like and comment )

3) Instil the discipline of blogging – regardless of how lazy the fingers and mind can be

4) Preplanning ahead what to blog – its like writing a story – in my case ideas for a story or a story that sends one to Laughingville

So today the Grand Finale Alphabet – the Letter Z(ee) or Z(at)

I had 3 words to use Zappy ( it means Full of Energy ) Zealous ( it means Inspired ) Zany ( it means ludicrous or buffoonish character in the old comedies )

What does this last blog mean…??

May the fairy of all God mothers please bless me with a man who is full of energy – positive vibes and is always on the go kind and must please oh must be good in bed for if I am going to be in a monogamous relationship and if I am going to marry this man – please let him be my only Sexy God…

Zealous – he is an inspiring man who wants me to be the better person, now changing to someone I am not, wasn’t what I had in mind, but he inspires me to change my bad habits and tempers, be more patient and open hearted…

Lastly he is a buffoon to my eyes, come one – you never dated a man who was that goofy kind of lover to you? I had him, the things he’d crack me rolling my eyes and says the earnest things.

No matter how serious he is at work, or he complains till the cows come home, I still find him super sexy and cute with this character. Shake his ass after sex… ( ok too much information ) well lets just say – A man who wears a suit, has his soft spots and is darn sexy too. He may not have a million dollars ( though yeah it matters now when the economic is not that good and cash is king ) but if he has an attitude that wants to make millions – I was talking about an achievable mindset not those who think and dream of MONEY but not thinking of ways to get it. Funny and Inspiring and also give me the sense of security – and goes down on bended knee ( with my 5-carat diamond ring ) I’d most likely to say yes by 60% – the other 40% has to do with my judgement and well what my heart says versus the practicality of my man.

So May the Haunt for my Frog Prince continues…and like I told my friend… I am hoping that the frog knows how to Leap/Jump to the second floor…and since its the Rainy Season…there are more tadpoles made and frogs mating… or perhaps moving to the Riverside would be a better choice…


X-Rated perhaps?

I have to admit – the X – rated men are eithr porn stars or too good to be true when it comes to reality.

My days of dating men, having flings and affairs have finally come to an end, the fun days are just too tiring. Getting my heart broken; just too much of engery drained and healings to cure my heart. Those days are gone.

Time to settle for just 1 man who believes in monogamy and is faithful and of course it would be great if he is slightly X-rated. Then there’s fun to it our life till we grow old together. Its not rocket science to be X-rated but atleast he will be willing to enjoy and embark being my porn star.

Very Valuable Gem

How on earth did  I manage to almost complete this A to Z Challenge without having to think of ways to describe finding my Frog Prince with the letter V – how about just a simple verb to use to sum all his characteristics to a VERY – from all the letters A to U he is a complete VERY person. Very is a bit too much of a demanding request for sure.

Too many alphabets, too many thoughts, too many ( in my face lovely )words to describe my man…and then I thought hard again, what would my V be like…it cannot be just a simple Very… thinking thinking and after having a conversation with a little girl who’s kind enough to always help me in my cooking ideas.

She is again confused of her current relationship to which the man is so kind, so giving, so loving. Seriously, she was in a state of confusion because its hard to believe that one will wake up at 6am just to boil her herbal tea ( the chinese one of course ) just so that she’ll be able to take it to work. He cares for her in every single way but she’s not seeing herself in a marriage with this man. Funny things like these happen to my friends but never to me – I seem to be the one giving all the time, but if I truly love my man, there’s nothing about being calculative all the time to who is giving more or less in the relationship. Of course say that to any modern thinking women who strive hard for their careers, they’d disagree. Let it come natrually I told her, when you find a man who loves you more than him you will eventually grow to love him as the months go by. Chose a man who worships the ground you walk upon and not you who’s always worshipping his ground. Oh yes, if you live in the Asian part of the world, most women are slaves to their husbands or partners. Often you will find the Domestic Goddess in most Asian Women, she is a All in One person ( a whole package with looks, provides great sex, is a good mother and trophy wife ) She’s just afriad her man will stray – so these girls are called Trophy Yummy Mummy – they keep their bodies in the same way as they were before marriage and after having 3 kids .

Back to the story I told my girlfriend, now your man is a Very Valueable catch..he is a rare gem amongst the moutain full of diamonds. Don’t let go just yet, treat him equally kind and not to abuse the relationship. Its hard to find men like this in our country, so you have to appreciate what fate has dawned upon you.

Perhaps you’d think oh the man has no backbone or has an issue with being tough. Actually not quite the scene, if the man is being brought up by his mum well, taught to treat his loved one like a rare gem, the relationship could be an everlasting one. Till death do us part and Happily ever after. Of course there are some women who would tend to turn around and say that they are not entirely into this marriage/relationship so as they say – We will never be happy with what we have until God has taken it away. Oh yes, I do regret my past doings due to being immature ( 1 one says it all ) and now that I’ve gone through a whole new chapter of living, I hold my head up high and say perhaps it was fated I learn things the hard way, so when cupid has to aim at me, I’ll know what to do.

And tonight according to my Bazi Chart – I have to network to meet my frog…. Good Luck with the rest of the alphabets and Happy Thursday

A Strong Sense of Security

I almost forgot about posting the most important alphabet – S

The new C’s to a relationship or marriage is S

If you were living in Singapore you’d probably heard of the Famous 5 C’s that a woman wants in her man

1) Cash

2) Condominium ( houses are a costly buy )

3) Car ( owning a Car is an expensive mode of transportation )

4) Credit Cards ( ok this calls for heavily in debt )

5 ) Country CLub ( because its expensive to get a membership )

So I changed it to the better S

1) Sense of Security ( makes you feel safe and warm – being with him )

2) Sexy – Sex King ( need I say more )

3) Somebody reputable with power and stability ( ok this is tough and would stir a little shit )

4) Smarter than me please and Soulmate

5) Sedan, SUV and a Sports Car ( my 3 must have vehicles )


But somehow I settle for someone who give me the secured feeling – he makes me really safe to be with, gives me butterflies when I am with him ( hey this happens when you are with your soulmate ) He knows me well to be able to advice me in order for me to be a better person. When I used to tell my friends my kind of men, they were shocked to hear me say – I want a secured feeling man because it supersedes all the other S’s in the short list I have above. Seriously it is – I don’t have a checklist like that crazy lunatic Miss Advised reality show but its simple criterias that I hope he will have. But only I will know about that secured feeling sensation that he’ll give me on the first date – that’s when I know if I should sit in through the date with body contact…Oh yes, I am a girl that would literally run away from the man on the first date. Once in the movies, I kept a distance, he sent me home, pecked on the cheeks and I dashed into the house, he called and called and called – I switched my phone off. I know if the guy would give me that feeling because the last time I had a match make date – it took me a while to realize that the guy was the total opposite. My feelings about the security part was actually uncertain – I had some butterflies but it wasn’t the same kind of butterflies that I used to have before…

So thank you for reading my S – the main Secured Feeling Man would be MY MAN….


Negatively Not

I wish that he is NOT a man that is has a bad temper, a chauvinistic man, disrespectful towards people, animals and society. It’s ok if he complains 10 times a day, but has a good heart. I can always do the cooking, dishes, washing and all household chores and my man can just be the coach potato. That includes ironing his boxers are fine by me. BUT if he has a bad temper and doesn’t know how to control is wisely, then he’s in for trouble. I’ll send him away for anger management classes, learn how to control his temper and perhaps learn how to appreciate the things he has around if before he opens his mouth and starts shooting everyone with his temper bullets. Yes, I have every intention of sending him to India – with me of course.

Having the best of both worlds is a tough thing to ask from above or wish. But If I can cultivate having a house with positive energies it will be good for the relationship ( it doesn’t matter if you want to co-habit for the rest of your lives and not get married ). Sometime women too have their PMS mood swings, its sad that it happens once a month, but hey you’d be damn glad if that happens, if the opposite occurs, you’ll be shitting in your pants ( that is if you are not planning to cross breed your genes ).

I used to throw tantrums in my past relationships too and now that I think back ( after going through a huge change ), its was the most stupid and childish manner. Never will I want to repeat the mistake and also to learn from it, so that my future partner will not be that.

Whatever it is its good for him – overall he’ll use his positivity at all times, making him be a Noble person

Macho Macho Macho Men

This is merely a dream…to have a man who has all the Machoness

1) Macho Body with 8 packs that you will only be able to view it on prints or media

2) Macho Character – James Bond with Pierce Brosnan acting

3) Macho Perfectly Asymmetrical Porcelained face – somehow I still think this is an impossible dream – most men who have this look are gays, so yet I tell myself. Unless I am a man then most likely I’d meed him.

4) Macho Attitude – A little bit of a Zorro minus Catherine Zeta Jones…

My Macho Man – does not need to have that impossible buffed body, he can have a six in one pack ( 1 slightly round belly ), he doesn’t have to be a James Bond but can he please dress like one ( good macho fashion sense ) and Must be Macho in bed…thank you

I’ve come across way too many Male Chauvinist Pig which was suppose to be today’s blog alphabet, however, thinking hard about it…not wanting to offend the men out there. I changed it to Macho Men, if he’s macho enough, he would stand up for me when I get bullied or pushed in a club or at an event. He’s also macho if he cries at the movies or something emotional happens. Then after having a few dates with the Macho Man(kind), I just want to be with a MAN a simple man and not a BOY. The last guy who was so called after me and might still be after me, was so much of a boy that I had to tell him, I am sorry to disappoint you but I need a MAN not a boy like you. It scares me having to date a man who is less intelligent than myself, its too tiring to teach him new things when he makes no initiative to better himself. So a simple Man with a good heart, successful and career minded and all the other positive attributes please is my kinda Macho Man

its gonna be Love-Lust-Length-Lomantic( broken chinese lingo ) mainly its LOVE

Singing yet another Nat King Cole song – and I still LOVE the old love songs, Love songs my late grandmother played while I’d dance to it, love songs I grew up listening to…and Love songs I’d play on my wedding day…till my friends will most likely to throw the iPod at my direction begging to stop playing Natalie Cole’s A Smile Like Yours… while I walk down the ballroom or the aisle and dance to it.

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore and

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don’t break it
Love was made for me and you

All women want  is LOVE in the relationship and that hopefully would eventually lead to a marriage and NOT end up in a divorce and live happily ever after ( being in a monogamous marriage, no thoughts of infidelity ). Every or most women do want to get married, but do most of them marry the man they love and vice versa? I have about a few friends who got married for the wrong reason and all the L’s somehow didn’t work.

Love – they were dating, the usual I LOVE YOU’s exchange…

Lust – someone was most definitely wearing Beer Googles….when lust took place…

Length – referring to Length of the guy’s penis, the length of foreplay, the length of achieving orgasms ( both guy and girl )

Lomantic – A chinese lingo for those who cannot pronounce the letter R and rolling tongue to that – ROMANTIC – I am a fool for this romantic shit…so if I don’t get a nice kiss on the first date, first meet…I doubt the date will carry on further

Love works both ways, if women want to be loved, get that unconditional love, endless love with lust… then show your man that you deserve it. You are his woman that he will Love unconditionally and will make endless love to and till death you do part. Perhaps this is a sensitive topic – LOVE but you know it when you have experienced it. You may or may not marry the one you love or you think you do love in ways, or fall out of love. I made a mistake by telling my partner once I love him…I think it was too much and in his face…if only I’d control my emotions and feelings, I wouldn’t be the weaker one in getting hurt.

I just hope my man loves me more than I love him…or at least equally. Simply just Love me will you…?

My girlfriend reminded me on a quote that was mentioned in Sex and the City movie by SJP’s assistant…Everyone is Looking for Love…and wants to be loved…I think so too…may you be a man or a woman…regardless – So love each other dearly till death do you part…never take each other for granted and learn to work things out… LOVE is a strong vibe of energy…

Inspirational Man who is Irresistable

Full of I’s in today’s blog

I want to find an Inspirational Man who is Irresistibly sexy… ( does that even sound right or is it even possible )

He inspires me to be a better person to take challenges in life, he tells me never say NEVER and never give up, he tells me when I say the wrong things and do it wrong ( in bed ). Some of us women might think that oh no…its about the man nagging us? Yes it is, BUT not entirely nagging, its just for our own good if you think out of the box or in a different manner. We may not be entirely correct all the time but, if sometimes we sit down, think a little bit, hey yeah it makes sense. Then its up to us to change. I dated a man who nagged me till Kingdom come… I thought he seriously needed the chill pill, but now that we broke up, he did good for me in my life and its up to me to twist his advice a little tweak it here and there and voila take on a challenge.

He is a smart man, wise and intelligent…now 3 of those particular words are different…Smart does not mean wise and it also does not mean intelligent either… Street Smart, Wisdom and Intellectually Intelligent – does that equalize to an Inspirational Man who is Irresistible??

Generously Compassionate

After embarking on my spiritual path more seriously the past 2 years, I feel that it is a crucial checklist for me and for most men to have.

Generosity and compassion when it comes to everything that happens in his daily life.

Now its easy to be generous but when it comes to having compassion in him, it is easier said than done. He may be charitable to the poor, needy, less fortunate beings or even the old folks but is he compassionate enough towards everyone, the society, co-workers and his management. He has a heart of diamonds and not gold. If he is compassionate and of course generous, he has good values and characters. Being polite and kind not only towards you but your family members as well.

Being Asian and having Chinese culture in me growing up and till now, it is very important for us to have every form of respect for the elderly members in our family. Customs to follow and traditions to carry on. Its important for us girls when we marry a man, who understand and respects the girl’s side of the family or his in laws. My dad taught me growing up, to always have values and respect my future husband’s family if I were to live in with them. My wise old man always tells me, never put your parents or allow any of the elderly to be placed in nursing homes or even the old folks home as you might never know, you could kill them faster, its the depression they will die off….

Which is true, I need my man to be generous and compassionate, it doesn’t matter what religion he believes in but having a religion and is compassionate about his generous beliefs does make him a better person to be with. After all its till death do us part…and this also contributes to lesser divorces or better relationships.

Cautiously Caring

He cares for me in the way that is cautious and not over poweringly caring…. knowing when to say the right thing. Ok so I don’t expect him to be a mind reader but more of an action reader. Sometimes women do go through a bad day at work, faced a horrid rude driver on the road or the big boss was just being an inconsiderate moron ( Male PMS ). She comes back home and hasn’t go the everyday jovial kiss you Hi honey look. Just giving her a little space, kiss her unexpectedly and a hug would be the most caring thing to do.

Sometimes the simplicity in a relationship is the most valued communication. Its not always about sex, but having some intuition about the body language for your lady, makes you a sweet man.

Now the cat’s meowing, the dog’s barking, the baby’s awake…your wife is so tired, hormonally changes, yes its the time of the month….if you know the pain and tiredness she’s gotta go through and to be cautiously caring enough, don’t have to be asked to do any chore, just take it over from her. She’d appreciate it so much that its an unwritten cautiously caring rule.

A little give and take in a relationship makes it go a long way don’t you think…??