Being An Asian Wife Material

As I was doing my weekly ironing on the eve of Labour Day – thoughts of wanting to head to Elephant Bar at 5pm hit me again ( I am hooked on their Happy Hour Cocktails ) however my friend gave me a long distance call to check on me.

So what are you doing he asked…I replied well I am doing my ironing…and don’t you dare laugh at me. Why I said that its because, living in Asia, we have the luxury of hiring maids or cleaners for a decent price. Back to the conversation he said yeah its good to iron your clothes because its good training to iron your future husband’s clothes.. yes I agreed… and replied every time I iron my clothes, ironically I constantly remind myself that and that’s why I do my ironing with full passion – takes me 1 hour to iron my week’s laundry – that includes my all my casual care bear t-shirts.

Then the serious conversation was said…well men want a wife with 3 things…she’s a maid ( does all the washing and cleaning and ironing ) she cooks – that includes desserts after a meal and last but not least she has to be damn good in bed and constantly too because if she’s sooooo good in bed the husband will not have a reason to go look another woman to have better sex with.

What was my answer…I fit the bill…so why am I still single again?? Yes I can cook both chinese and western dishes ( seriously cooking needs intuition and passion for taste ) and as my aunt told me OMG you are such a maid and the last one…too much explicit information – only the ones I had sex with will be able to judge me in bed and give me a rating ( if only I had room for improvement )

Oh well, perhaps my fate has yet to be blessed from God…my frog has yet to learn how to knock my door.